Strohecker Incorporated specializes in the fabrication and repair of wrought copper crucibles, molds, liners, hearths and related equipment for use in VAR, ESR, EBM, PAM and other related specialty melting processes.

Founded in 1947, Strohecker started as a custom fabricator of industrial equipment in high-temperature and corrosive environments. Soon after, the company developed the knowledge in the welding of heavy copper to itself and other dissimilar materials. It manufactured some of the earliest copper crucibles for the titanium industry and continued to develop its welding processes, so that by 1980, Strohecker’s crucible work had become the most important part of its business.

Today, Strohecker provides quality fabrication and repair services to most of the specialty melting shops across North America, as well as to producers in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Situated midway between Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH, Strohecker draws from a wide range of experienced specialty forming, machining, heat treating and testing services – all within close proximity.

Whether your requirements are for new fabrication, timely and reliable repair work or experienced engineering and design assistance, Strohecker is your quality source for copper crucibles, bottom plates, water jackets and other related items.

Strohecker is an OSHA-compliant company and is proud to work with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.